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On My Work Desk: Herkimer Diamond Nose Rings & Tragus Studs

On My Work Desk: Herkimer Diamond Nose Rings & Tragus Studs

I love making (and wearing!) jewelry that showcase stones in their natural, raw form - and Herkimer diamond quartz happens to be one of my favorites to work with. 

It has taken me a while since I first started playing around with the idea, but I'm excited to finally be able to offer Herkimer diamond nose studs and tragus earrings in my shop!

prong set herkimer diamond tragus earring

I've previously made stacking rings and regular post earrings with these sparkly little beauties, but I needed to practice making durable claw settings that could withstand being pulled out of and pushed into Bioflex labret studs without losing their hold on the stone. My original four-prong design just wasn't secure enough for this.

prong settings for herkimer quartz nose ring studs and tragus earrings

The Herkimer diamonds that I'm using for my nose and tragus jewelry are so incredibly tiny, it's really hard to keep a good hold of them long enough to secure the prongs!

All that's left now is to sort the stones into two separate containers - one for nose rings (2-3mm) and one for tragus piercing studs (3.5-5mm). 

sorting herkimer diamonds for nose rings and tragus studs

My next raw gemstone project will be rough sapphire tragus studs - I have limited quantity of gorgeous deep blue 2-4mm stones that will look amazing as earrings!

herkimer diamond tragus stud earring

Both the nose ring and tragus stud versions are up for sale in my shop now, don't forget to check them out before you leave!


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