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On My Work Desk: Tiny Nose Ring Charms

On My Work Desk: Tiny Nose Ring Charms

These hand sculpted nose ring charms came out so much smaller than I anticipated - or even thought I could accomplish! Most of them are between 2-3mm. Unfortunately, I lost the tiny gear charm I made when I was photographing the nose studs, so I'll have to redo that one. 

At the moment, I think my favorite charm is the the crescent moon.

silver crescent moon nose ring stud

But the heart also came out really well...

silver heart nose stud

And so did the tiny flower!

tiny flower nose ring stud

You can find the above pictured nose ring studs in my shop, as well as a handful that I didn't include in this post - like a square, triangle, sun, star, dog bone, and a tiny octopus. 

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