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Sterling Silver Doesn’t Belong in Your Fresh Nose Piercing

Sterling Silver Doesn’t Belong in Your Fresh Nose Piercing

Despite being pretty to look at and typically associated with high quality, sterling silver should never go in your freshly pierced nose – or any other new body piercing. Sterling silver nose rings should be considered “special occasion” jewelry, and only worn in fully established piercings for short duration.

Here are few of the top reasons why sterling silver should never be worn in your unhealed nose piercing:

  • You shouldn’t be touching your jewelry. If your piercing is not healed yet, you shouldn’t even be thinking about changing out the jewelry you were pierced with. Doing so can at worst cause infection, and at the very least, you will prolong the healing time.
  • It will tarnish. All silver tarnishes, eventually turning a dull black color, and how quickly it does so depends on your individual body chemistry and environment. It will tarnish especially quickly in contact with a mucous membrane, and even more quickly when exposed to the lymph from a fresh piercing. 
  • Sterling silver can leave a permanent tattoo. When tarnish is deposited inside of the unhealed fistula, the tissue can potentially heal over the deposits leaving a permanent black tattoo – also referred to as a tarnish tattoo. In other words, there will be a permanent grey-black ring around the piercing hole. It isn’t dangerous, but it is unsightly. 

As long term piercing jewelry options, especially if you don’t want to change out your jewelry often, consider sticking with body safe materials that don’t tarnish – like niobium, titanium, or 316L stainless steel. Flexible Bioflex posts are another option.

If you’re looking for a bright white colored metal to wear in your nose piercing, then platinum or a high-karat white gold are both excellent alternatives. I personally use platinum in my piercings, and I love how low maintenance it is – platinum won’t tarnish in your piercing, it rarely needs polished to stay shiny and bright, and it’s suitable for most people with metal sensitivities.

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