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Top Reasons Why Bioflex Nose Stud Backings Are Awesome

Top Reasons Why Bioflex Nose Stud Backings Are Awesome

If you’ve always been drawn to the look of silver nose studs, then you’ll love using push-fit Bioflex nostril screw backings with silver charm tops as a safe alternative for your piercing!

Here are some of the reasons why I love using push fit charms with Bioflex nose studs:

  1. You can change the charm top. And, as a bonus, all the charms in my shop are completely interchangeable with both nostril screw and labret backings – the latter can be used in all kinds of locations, including tragus, helix, conch, philtrum, and labret piercings.
  2. You can wear sterling silver in your nose piercing. The silver never touches your fistula directly, only the Bioflex backing, so it’s safe for your nose piercing - your actual piercing will not be exposed to the tarnish. You will still need to occasionally clean the charm itself to keep it shiny because all silver tarnishes and starts to look dull.
  3. They’re super comfortable because the backing is flexible and it warms to your body temperature – no more cold metal inside your nose on chilly days!
  4. The sizing is fully customizable at home without going to a piercer. You can cut the nostril screw down to size from either end – rise too tall? No problem, cut it down a millimeter or so. Bend too large and sticking out of your nose? Again, no problem! Cut it down a bit.
  5. It’s suitable for people with metal sensitivities – Bioflex is highly bio-compatible, and the sterling silver that I make my charms out of is completely nickel free.
  6. Bioflex can be autoclaved.
  7. The nostril screw backings are really easy to insert – unlike the labret backings, you just put them in like a regular nose screw from the front of your piercing. No need to fiddle around looking for the back side of your piercing inside your nose.

Buying nose rings online can be tricky because the generic one-size-fits all approach to most nose studs you find may not be comfortable for your individual anatomy. If you’ve never tried using a Bioflex nostril screw before, then you should definitely give it a go – especially if you’re always finding yourself frustrated with the fit of metal nose studs.

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