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What is Bioflex Piercing Jewelry

What is Bioflex Piercing Jewelry

Although commonly associated with piercing retainers, Bioflex body jewelry is an excellent way to safely wear decorative materials that tarnish, like sterling silver, in your piercings without the oxidation coming in contact with the actual piercing. This is especially handy for oral piercings and nose piercings.

Here are some of the top reasons why I’m a fan of Bioflex, and not only use it with my jewelry work but also wear it in my own piercings:

  1. Bioflex is highly biocompatible, which makes it an excellent choice for people who previously couldn’t wear body jewelry because of metal sensitivities.
  2. There is no nickel in Bioflex. Additionally, there isn’t any nickel in the silver charms that I make – which makes the tragus studs and nose screws in my shop safe for nickel allergy sufferers.
  3. Bioflex is flexible and very lightweight, making it super comfortable to wear long term.
  4. Bioflex can be sterilized with an autoclave – just remember to remove the charm first to avoid pressure build up. It can also be boiled.
  5. Bioflex posts and nose screws can be cut to size with a pair of sharp scissors or a knife.
  6. The back disc on the labret-style posts sits flush against the skin, making it an excellent choice for ear piercings – especially if you plan on sleeping with your jewelry in.
  7. Bioflex is fully biodegradeable.
  8. You only have to buy the charm once, and then just interchange the charms you have with different styles and lengths of Bioflex posts. The only charms in my shop that are not interchangeable are the 20 gauge nose screw charms.
  9. Bioflex makes it easy to wear sterling silver and fine silver in your piercings because no silver actually goes through the piercing itself. Just clean the charm periodically to keep it looking shiny, and remember to replace the back post when it starts to feel loose so you don’t lose the charm.

Is Bioflex the same thing as Bioplast?

Chemically speaking, the composition of Bioflex and Bioplast posts are the same – they are both highly biocompatible, comfortable to wear, and excellent for concealing piercings. However, there are differences aesthetically. For example, the back discs on Bioflex labret posts are thinner and smoother to the touch. The charms that I make are only compatible with Bioflex posts – I have not tested them with Bioplast, so the back part of the charm may not fit inside the hollow portion of the post.

In addition to nose screws and labret-style posts, there are many other ways to wear Bioflex. The flexibility and softness of the material in comparison to metal makes it an excellent choice for oral piercings, as well as some of the more finicky surface piercings – like eyebrows and navels – that are prone to rejection when wearing rigid barbells.

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