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About the Artist


Hi! My name is Amber.

I'm usually playing with metal, polymer clay, paint and resin late into the night (i.e. making a mess out of my work desk). Caterpillar Arts comes to life out of my small studio in the lovely Arizona desert.

I love piercings and body mods! I started out designing jewelry for my own body piercings before I began selling my work for others to wear. I wear my own designs, testing them for durability and comfort. Currently, I work with sterling silver, niobium, titanium, and 316L stainless steel - as well as karat gold and platinum by custom request.

All of the nose rings and hoops in my shop start out as plain coils of wire stock - including my 316L steel hoops! I don't buy any premade nose hoops or cartilage earrings. I hand form, saw cut, polish and file each ring. Once formed, I add embellishments using soldering, welding or wire wrapping. 

I use a combination of my original miniature sculptures and drawings to create the silver and gold charms I sell - and, all of the gemstones in my work are hand set by me one at a time using traditional stone setting techniques, no glue is ever used.

Because I'm involved in every part of the creation process, almost any piece in my store can be customized so that it's unique to your vision. I do all of the work around here, including the packing, shipping and customer service - so when you ask a question, you're talking directly to the artist (hopefully after I've had coffee!).

Random Fact: I share my office with a Fahaka puffer who lives alone in a 200 gallon tank, some leopard geckos, and a handful of tarantulas.

Wondering where the name Caterpillar Arts came from? I started out making hand painted polymer clay insect sculptures, and caterpillars make me happy :)

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