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About the Metals


It’s important to know what you’re wearing in your piercings, especially if you deal with metal sensitivities.

Do you have any hypoallergenic piercing jewelry?

I would like to make a quick note about hypoallergenic piercing jewelry, since that’s a question that I get asked frequently. In short, no, I do not have any.

I do not consider any of the metals that I offer hypoallergenic because, technically, no such thing exists outside of the marketing world – it’s possible for someone to react or develop a sensitivity to anything. Because of how common and severe the reaction can be, I always include a small disclaimer on my product listings if the metal used contains nickel.

That being said, titanium and niobium body jewelry is highly regarded as being a good alternative for those with sensitivities to other metals.

Metal Overview

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s a quick breakdown of each type of metal that I use in my piercing jewelry:

Sterling Silver: The sterling silver that I use in my work is a high quality alloy of silver, copper and germanium – it’s recycled, made in the USA and nickel free.

Niobium: The niobium that I use is unalloyed, and made in the USA.

Titanium: I use grade-1 commercially pure titanium – it’s made in USA and is not an alloy.

316L Stainless Steel: Although 316L stainless steel is a common metal used for piercing jewelry, it should be noted that it does indeed contain nickel.

14/20 Yellow Gold-filled: Gold-filled wire is a core of jewelers' brass that has been bonded using heat and pressure to an outer layer of gold alloy. Any of my gold-filled jewelry is also available in solid gold – please contact me for a price quote and availability.

Bronze: Some of my belly rings, and other jewelry, feature handmade bronze charms. The bronze alloy that I use contains 90% copper and 10% tin – it will tarnish over time and therefore will require periodic maintenance to keep it looking new.

Have a question that I didn’t cover? I’m always happy to answer any questions that you may have about the metals I use in my piercing jewelry – please don’t hesitate to ask!

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