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How to Sign Up

At the top of every page in the Menu bar there is the option to Login - click this link. Once you're on the Login page, find the text that says New Customer at the bottom of the page and click on the Sign Up link to create your account. Creating a store account will create both a Caterpillar Arts customer account and a rewards program account.

How do I earn points?

The reward program is linked to your customer account. Just log in to your Caterpillar Arts customer account every time you make a purchase - your points will automatically be credited to your account.

How do I see my points?

Just log in to your Caterpillar Arts customer account and your available rewards points will be displayed - you will also be able to see how many points you have in the Menu bar.

Can I claim points for past orders?

Absolutely, I can credit points to your account for past purchases (including from my Etsy shop) - just email a copy of your receipt to

How do I refer other people for points?

It's easy! First, log into your Caterpillar Arts customer account. Then, locate the Referral Bonus section of your account page - there will be a referral link that is unique to you here. Just copy and paste your referral link whenever you want to refer someone to Caterpillar Arts via social media or email, and if they make a purchase you will automatically get 350 points credited to your account!



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