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Niobium Endless Hoop

This endless hoop is made out of commercially pure, grade-2 unalloyed niobium - in addition to being used as a nose ring, these hoops are also great for lip, helix and tragus piercings! 

  • These hoops twist to open and close
  • Measured using the inner diameter 
  • Grade-2 niobium is commercially pure - it makes an excellent option for people with metal sensitivities 
  • Niobium body jewelry does not contain nickel and will not tarnish, making it an excellent low-maintenance metal for long term wear in piercings
  • Hoops made in 18 gauge and 16 gauge will be noticeably more difficult to open and close in smaller inner diameters (6mm-8mm) and may need to be inserted by a piercer.
Sold individually - you choose the gauge and inner diameter.

    For healed piercings only.

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