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Ancient - Herkimer "Diamond" Disc Stud

Resembling a piece of unearthed ancient treasure, this unique piercing stud features a 2-5mm Herkimer "diamond" quartz crystal. The dark patina gives the disc a rustic, weathered look - it also enhances how water clear the quartz crystal is!

Use it as a tragus earring, helix stud, nose ring, for your labret piercing, or even your conch - you choose the type of pushfit backing!

  • You will receive one post and one gem top
  • Post material: Bioflex
  • Stone size: 2-5mm
  • Charm size: 6mm
  • Charm material: sterling silver (nickel free)
  • These are push fit gem tops; the cabochon pushes into a hollow portion of the post
  • Herkimer diamonds are a type of quartz
  •  Stone treatment: natural - no treatment

Due to the custom nature and the natural materials used in each piece of jewelry, please expect slight variations from the stud in the picture. Herkimer quartz crystals will vary in size and shape.

Sold individually - for healed piercings only.

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