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Celestial, Beaded Nose Ring Hoop

This beaded niobium nose ring hoop features three cobalt blue glass beads in a color combination I call Celestial - the beads are wire wrapped securely in place using 14/20 goldfilled wire. The twist of yellow goldfill wire against the dark grey niobium creates a striking contrast! 

  • Made to order. 
  • These hoops twist open.
  • Measured using the inner diameter. 
  • For healed piercings only.
  • Sold individually.

Gold-filled wire is a core of jewelers' brass that has been bonded using heat and pressure to an outer layer of gold alloy. The notation "14/20" means that 1/20th of the gold-filled wire is made with 14-karat gold.

Due to the custom nature of this hoop, please expect slight variations from the pictures. 

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